Part 5
"You are imperfect. You must be sterilized."
                                        --- Nomad, Star Trek TOS

I entered the Dome of the Imperfect and found two giant Dwemer-type robots guarding the next door. I used the Amulet of Shadows, just to get a look around the room. It was just the two robots and me.

The spell from the Amulet wore off and we just looked at each other.

I stood there, waiting for something to happen. I guess they stood there, waiting for me to do something.

After about a minute of not doing anything to attract their attention, I took a step forward.


Upon taking one step forward, the robot on my right began to expel a huge cloud of steam.

The huge head on this thing slowly turned in my direction.


The huge robot was nothing like the Dwemer had ever produced. I had seen something like them in their old workshops, and even something nearly as tall were I had found the old Dwemer ghost that enchanted my blade, but this was different. It felt as though there was an unusual enchantment working this creature.

It approached me directly, and I knew it had nothing but my death on it's mechanical mind.

Suddenly, magic charge began to appear in it's hands. They lit up like torches, then suddenly, the robot sent a shock spell right at me!


Suddenly I found myself in the middle of the biggest shock spell I had ever felt, and it was killing me. Only one of my health potions kept me from death's door. This thing may be "imperfect" but it was certainly formidable.


Doing the only sensible thing I could think of at the moment, I ran. I decided it would be better to be a moving target instead of being an easy target. The bot kept shooting shock spells at me, but they missed me. I used one of my home-made shock protection potions, then another, giving me lots of protection against this type of attack. While I ran, I used Aryon's Helper, the enchanted glove that summoned a number of creatures from Oblivion to come to my aid. I continued running in circles around the bot, and though some of it's spells managed to find their mark, the shield spell protected me.


As I continued to run in circles around the bot, I turned to see how things were going. I had two Flame Antrochs, two Frost Antrochs, one Storm Antroch, a Golden Saint and Dremora all giving this bot the time of it's mechanical life.


I took a moment to rest, and watched as my summoned creatures did battle with this robot.

As each summoned creature was killed, I would re-summon it, continuing to keep the robot occupied.

Huge arcs of shock spells were shot in both directions, and was very glad that none of them were being directed at me.


Through my shock shield, I could see several of my summoned creatures doing battle, throwing flame, frost, and shock, others using poison, sword, and claw, all causing the robot to become more and more damaged.

Frustrated, the bot actually stopped using spells and tried stomping on the creatures that were causing it so much grief.


The bot reached down and grabbed one of the creatures I had summoned, crushing it to death, sending it back to Oblivion. I was glad I wasn't the one in it's grasp.

The Storm Antroch gave it what-for with another shock spell of it's own, being immune to the bot's shock spells.


I brought several more summoned creatures to bear.

This bot wasn't going to go down easily, but if I caused enough damage to it by proxy, well, I could keep this up all day, if needed.

Shock-spell me, will he? This bot will soon learn the error of his ways.


Now, obviously angry with all these pests around it's feet (can a robot get angry??), the robot stomped the floor at random, hoping to catch one of my summoned creatures off guard.

What it didn't understand was that as each one was destroyed, I would re-summon it.

It was obviously time for me to do battle with this creature directly.


While the bot was busy with it's back to me, I hit it with three spells: Lighting storm, God's Frost, and finally, God's Fire. I could hear it groaning under the damage each of these spells was causing.

My summoned creatures kept it occupied long enough for me to add a shot from the Ring of Leaches, and that seemed to do the trick.


With a crash that must have been heard all the way to Mournhold, the huge robot fell to the ground, falling to pieces.

It was a shame to have to do that to what was obviously Sotha Sil's best work, but I had no choice in the matter.

My magicka had been nearly depleted from the battle, so I used a potion to restore it. Aryon's Helper, however, was nearly exhausted of it's magickal charge, and would need at least two days to come back to full power.


Magicka and health fully restored, I checked the door that the robot had been guarding. The other robot was apparently not going to give me any trouble, so that must have been the "imperfect" one.

The door they had been guarding indicated that I had reached my destination - it was the Dome of Sotha Sil.









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