This time, the butler definitely didn't do it!

As the blast from her spell cleared, she jumped to the attack, swinging her blade as I swung mine. Hers left a shock spell on me, while mine left a fire spell on her. The only difference was that I absorbed most of her destructive spell, and my health potion was still restoring my life force.


I struck her again with my own blade, and found that she was using a reflection effect, sending the destructive power of Trueflame back to me.

"You are killing yourself." she laughed. 

Knowing the effect, I took yet another of my home-made health potions to counter the effect.

"Come on, Almalexia," I taunted, "Let's play."


We struck at each other yet again, each leaving our mark on each other. Her blade hit me again with a shock spell, but my health potion was still working, healing me as fast as the spell tried to kill me.

This time, Trueflame left it's mark on this false goddess, and didn't reflect back. She knew it, too, realizing that I wasn't going to go down easily.


She managed to get two more hits on me, but again, I absorbed most of the destructive energies of the spell.

As she raised her sword for a third hit, she left herself wide open. Taking the opportunity, I dealt her a deadly blow.


She fell to the ground, killed by the very weapon she had given me to reforge.

How ironic that she had given me the very thing needed to end her own life.

I paused for a moment, taking it all in. The three that had called themselves "The Tribunal" were now reduced to just one: Vivec.

Gods should be gods, and mortals should be mortals. Things are that way for a reason. The power reserved for gods, even though it might be used for the benefit of all, can still drive a mortal insane. After several thousand years, Almalexia was so used to being a god that the thought of losing that power and position was just too much to bear.

I took her blade and the Mazed Band. She never told me what it was needed for, but now I knew - her magic had restored it's power to teleport the wearer to several locations. Had I declined brining it to her, Sotha Sil might still be alive today. Then again, how was I to know her plan? There was no way anyone could have known what she was going to do. I guess it was no use mulling over the situation.

I put on the Mazed Band and learned it's secret. I had it teleport me back to Mournhold.


The ring brought me back to Almalexia's chapel. The guards didn't seem to care that I appeared instead of their goddess. They didn't even ask where she was. I decided not to press the matter.


I left the temple and immediately noticed a change in the weather. The ashstorm that had been destroying the beauty of the city had finally stopped.

As I headed towards the steps, a form appeared before me, a form that I had seen just once before.


No less than the Goddess Azura herself, and she addressed me personally.

"You have done well, mortal." she said. "The death of Almalexia is a boon for all of Morrowind, though it may take time for this to be understood. She would have betrayed the Dunmer as surely as she betrayed all those she loved. This was her curse, and this was her undoing.

Weep not for Sotha Sil. He shed his mortality long ago, and I am certain his death was no small relief to him. These gods lived with the burden of a power no mortal was meant to possess."


"Your work in Morrowind is not finished, Nerevarine. Vivec still lives, but I believe his time grows short. Protect my people. Defend these lands. The skies of Mournhold are clear once again. Let these people suffer no longer. Now go, mortal. Embrace your destiny, and go with my blessing."

With that, she vanished into thin air once again.


Well, that made it twice that I had a thank you from a true Goddess.

Feeling pretty darn good about myself, I decided to head back to the palace and report in to Helseth about what had just happened.


Helseth was happy to see me.

"I have been hearing strange things about you, Eldorf Dragonmeal, and about the goddess as well. Have you learned anything about the attacks in the city plaza?"

I told him about the attacks, and that Almalexia was behind it all. I also told him about Sotha Sil, and the fact that Almalexia had killed him. The look on his face was almost like envy, as if he was jealous that he hadn't thought of something as devious himself.

"So both she and Sotha Sil lie dead in the Clockwork City, you say?" he asked. "She murders Sotha Sil, then tries to kill you as well. Astounding!"

He turned and sat down on his throne. "I believe your tale, Eldorf Dragonmeal, but do not expect my people to be so accepting of it. You will find it is not so easy to kill these gods in the hearts and minds of their followers. It will take time, but this will be a new era for Morrowind, and I will lead them into it. You have done well, my friend. You have my gratitude."

With that, he had one of his guards bring forth a full set of Royal Guard armor. Pretty heavy, but I had no intention of refusing. If nothing else, I could decorate one of my statues in my castle with it.


I headed back to Godsreach, enjoying the beautiful weather in the Plaza once again.

I was certain that the king would rebuild the statue, or at the very least, plug up the hole in it leading to the underground Dwemer chambers.    













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