I decided it was time to return home. Before I did, however, there were a few things I needed to take care of. I gathered all of the items I wanted to bring back with me into one section of my quarters. I would take it with me on my journey back to the castle.

Using the Mazed Band, I used the one other setting that Almalexia had created within it.


Within seconds, I found myself at the High Fane in the city of Vivec. The priests were a bit surprised to see me arrive using this method, but after a second, went on about their business.

I stepped outside, and headed to the palace of the last member of the Tribunal.


Vivec was surprised to see me, our business with Dagoth Ur having been concluded long ago.

"Nerevarine, it is good to see you." he said. "What brings you to my home?"

I told him that I had bad news about Almalexia and Sotha Sil.


"We don't communicate." he replied. "Without the Heart, our divine powers must diminish. She takes her divinity very seriously, and the loss weighs heavily on her. She tends to brood, and I fear she will do herself and others harm."

I told him that she had sent me on a mission to kill Sotha Sil, but that I had found him dead already. I told him that she also tried to kill me, and that she had been killed in battle with me. I think it was the only time I had noticed sadness in his face.

"That is very sad." he said. "I presume she killed Sotha Sil. I thought she might harm me. And I presume she tried to kill you, Nerevarine.

"It is." I replied. "The ring she had me retrieve had a setting to come here, to your city, same as it was set to take her to Sotha Sil. Had I not been able to kill her, she would have killed you, eventually."

He nodded in agreement.  "It is all very sad." he said. "But death comes to all mortals - and we are all mortal now." he smiled. "In time, death will come to me, Nerevarine - perhaps even at your hands. It is futile to deny one's fate. But none-the-less, I'm afraid I find it all very, very sad that it should end this way, something that began in such glory and noble promise."

I agreed with him. As wrong as it was for the Tribunal to attach themselves to the Heart of Lorkhan, they did with the good of their people in mind (and yes, with the desire to be worshipped as living gods, which ended up being their un-doing).


With that, I used the Mazed Band once more to return to Mournhold, made the short walk to Godsreach, and my quarters one last time.

It was quite a load, but I managed to tuck everything away. It was so heavy, I couldn't move, but I wouldn't have to: Using the Castle Return scroll I had brought with me, I managed to activate it without dropping anything, and vanished from Mournhold.


I arrived near the front door of the castle, and dropped all that stuff on the floor. I headed up to my room to change into some older clothes, then back to the pile of stuff I brought with me.

The books I placed in my library, finding room for every single one of them.

The two blades, I decided to keep them together, I guess for sentimental reasons. Perhaps I might use one, the other, or both sometime in the future. Only time will tell.


The full set of armor that Helseth gave me was pretty heavy, but fit nicely on one of my Mannequins.

I could have sold it for a pretty penny, but for as heavy as it was, one never knows when something like this might come in handy.


I put away all the potions and enchanted rings and things I had with me. It was nice to finally get rid of all that weight.

I was putting a few things away in the lab when there was a knock on the door. I had my assistant get let the person in, and it turned out to be Laurenna.  She had just returned from helping her Aunt Helga with her new baby.

"How was Winterhold?" I asked, giving her a big hug and a kiss.


"Nice and cold, without you there to keep me warm." she replied, returning the hug.

"So I bet it was pretty boring around here without me, huh?"

"Well, uh, there was this Dark Brotherhood attack on myself about two days after you left, and uh, well, I had to investigate who was behind it. Nothing major." I replied, trying to downplay the whole thing.


"Mournhold?" she replied. "And just who would try to send people to kill you?"

"Oh, just the king." I replied, "But it was all a big misunderstanding. I straightened him out, got some nice armor out of the deal as well."

"Anything else interesting happen there?" she asked, obviously upset that she had missed out on a possible adventure.

"Well, there was this situation with Almalexia and Sotha Sil, and several mechanical monsters." I replied. "Uh, how about if I tell you about it over dinner at the local tavern?"

"Oh, you better." she replied. "And don't spare the details."

I promised I wouldn't.  However, I did leave the part out about running in the underground areas in my good robes.

I was just hoping the cleaners would have them done shortly.